Our Mission

First Baptist Church exists for the purpose of transforming individuals into fully-functioning disciples of Christ.

Our Vision

Vision Statement of First Baptist Church:

Where Where there is no vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18 ) Where there is a vision, the people flourish.

•We seek to be a renewed church with a sense of God-given purpose that makes us excited and enthusiastic about our church and what God is doing in and through us

•We seek to be a growing church that intentionally helps people connect to Jesus Christ through personal and corporate evangelism and service-oriented community outreach

•We seek to be a healthy church that is authentic and helps people connect and share life through true Christian community

•We seek to be a passionate church that pursues excellence in all we do, convinced that God is worthy of our best effort and that excellence honors God and best reflects Him to others

•We seek to be a church that demonstrably believes that the local church is the hope of the world, fervently praying for God’s work in our church, our community, and our world

•We seek to be a church that truly understands that a strong, healthy family is our greatest earthly ally and that children are a blessing from God that we must steward and shepherd them, lest they be lost

•We seek to be a church that faithfully models godly ideals while remaining culturally relevant

•We seek to be a church that offers biblically-structured instruction, training, and mentoring for those who want to know more of God, do more for God, and go further with God

•We seek to be a church that strategically sends its members and its money to further the work of the Gospel in other contexts, both at home and abroad

In short, we seek to be a church that is renewed, spiritually and operationally, in order to become and remain both godly and relevant. Reflecting God to people—Directing people to God