Community of Waverly

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Rooted in agriculture, Waverly is a great place to call home. It has the comfort of small town living and is just a short drive to the capital city Springfield. Being small has numerous advantages including two family style restaurants where people greet you by name and our very own volunteer fire and rescue squad. 

         Our park is complete with a large playground, covered pavilion and basketball court right in the center of town. The park holds the annual Waverly Picnic with carnival rides and cotton candy plus concerts and the pageant. The town square also includes numerous businesses, churches, the post office, the police department and the library. Perfectly located close to the schools, Dollar General is a great addition to the Waverly community that provides groceries and goods conveniently. 

        The Waverly School District is both inclusive and supportive. The junior high and high school students are offered additional classes at nearby schools or online for those that want to pursue other class options. Waverly is known for taking great pride in its schools and for hosting the longest running class A Boys Basketball Tournament. Our students and community members would agree that Waverly is a great place to call home!